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Exaggerated Sleeve

Exaggerated sleeves are definitely a summer piece even though summer lasted for one week, we going to ignore the weather and still rock our summer outfits, because, fashion.  Personally, I think this is the biggest trend of SS17. So just in case you are wondering how to be trendy for the rest of summer as it is coming to an end, you can decide to spice up your blouse game by partaking in the exaggerated sleeves trend, it comes in different forms such as bell shaped and ruffles. Here are some ways I have styled the exaggerated sleeve trends: Picture MeSpring has sprung and So what's next.

You do not have to do much with an exaggerated sleeve as it is a statement outfit, one fashion rule of the thumb is when you have on a statement outfit you do not need any other statement piece like accessories, you should try to keep everything minimal. You should have fun with your exaggerated sleeves but remember not to over do it.

Still talking about trends, cold shoulders have been a thing for so long now are they ever going to go out of fashion? Anyways I am loving them whilst they are still in trend, they are like my go-to style. Checked out how I have been styling cold shoulders since they started trending here: Summer VibesTwo ways, So far, so good,  Spring has sprung and Picture Me.


There is something about cold shoulders with exaggerated sleeves, just for when you are trying to be extra.

That is sadly the end of today's post but just before we go, I would like to announce that my blog is two today! Whoop Whoop! Looking back at my very first post on the blog I have realized how much I have grown as a blogger, check it out here. And let us also throw it back to when we turned one here.

Cop my style:

Top: Debenhams
Pants: Miss Selfridges
Shoes: Ego

Thank you guys for your support cause honestly without you guys I would not have come thus far. Cheers to many more years!!

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