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10 things I wish i did in Uni

Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing? I am good thanks for asking. It is September and it is back to school season, I know most of you are ready for the new semester or not. I am going to be telling you some of the things I wished I did when I was still in uni.

Right into it....

1. I wish I said NO more often, saying no could be hard sometimes but it prevents you from doing what you do not want to do and it also prevents you from being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

2. I should have saved and budgeted properly. This is so essential to surviving in uni.

3. I would have networked better both blogging wise and engineering wise, I wish I was able to relate to white people and other people of other culture. Networking is really important for job search and other related opportunities.

4. I wish I had started a business something I could call my own. It is always good to have something doing whilst you are done with university. 

5.  I wish I did not stop going to the gym and I was eating healthy regularly. And also wishi was not waking up 30 minutesto my classes, should havegivingmy self some time to prepare for my classes.

6. I wish I did not stop going to church in my final year, my final year was just too much for me to handle and i thought avoiding the house of God was the solution. How dumb of me. 

7. I wish I had done a year placement, I really wanted to but my university did not put me on the right track so I missed the opportunity of having a year experience in my field.

8. I wish I had gone home frequently, I was never really home sick but I just know I should have gone home.

9. I wish I worked smarter, I definitely worked hard towards my degree but I am certain I would have done better if I worked smarter and there is a big difference.

10. Make sure you enjoy your uni days because once they are over you really can't relive that life!!!
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