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Hey, beautiful people. How are you guys doing? Thank God it is Friday!! Any plans for the weekend? Today I am going to share the things that I am currently anticipating, loving etc. 

So let us get into it.....

Anticipating: Lagos!!!! Yes, people, I am finally moving back to Lagos, I am excited about it at the same time I am not because I kinda have a love-hate relationship with that city and I do not know what to expect in Lagos. But I mean the home is home!

Appreciating: The gift of life.

Craving: Ewa going and agege bread but I guess that would have to wait till I get to Lagos.

Determined to: Work harder, reduce how much I sleep and just put in more work. I am also determined to make every day a productive day. 

Listening to: My favourite upcoming artist, he recently just dropped his first single titled tripping. You guys should please give his song a listen Here

Loving: Myself more and more.

Not sure of: So many things but I have decided to leave it in God's hands.

Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It is a storybook lol don't laugh at me, reading it just to wet my reading habit. As I bought loads of book to read this summer but I have not gone far with them. I was reading blessed child by Ted Dekker but I was just not feeling it so I dropped it and started with the wonderful wizard of oz.

Regretting: Nothing really. Zero regrets but loads of lessons learnt. 

Watching: POWER!! Okay let me calm down, just maybe I am over hyping this series but season four is the best one yet and if you are not watching power, I think you should. The way season four finished, season five is going to be more lit!

Wearing: Vintage and loving it, see how I styled it here! and I am still wearing off shoulder tops with exaggerated sleeves, can they ever go out of fashion? See how I recently styled them here.

Wishing: I had a lot of money so I could change my phone (it is broken).

So that is the summary of what has been going on with me currently.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!!

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