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Lagos Fashion and Design Week || Day 3

Hey beautiful people, how is your week coming along? Today we are going to be talking about all thing Lagos Fashion and Design week and I am going to be giving you the tea of LFDW day 3  as I could not attend all days of fashion week. LFDW has finally come to an end and I am glad I was able to attend at least one day as it was a fun experience. I did not attend expecting much so I was not disappointed with my overall experience.

For the third day of LFDW, I decided to go simple so I wore one of my favourite dresses from The Ragged Priest which is currently my favourite clothing brand. Unfortunately, i did not get to take loads of outfit pictures because I went on my own and I was not really there to socialize I was mostly there observing. 

Let’s talk about the Lagos street style shenanigans that happens before the show start; in as much as people want to make it to the top 50, I think most people overdo it and forget what fashion is actually all about. One of the things that actually got to me was the way people actually dressed knowing that Lagos is hot AF! The people that did the Lagos street style for me were Demi Akin and Tgjonah (just to mention a few), you know they know what fashion entails.

OK! Now let’s talk about designers. 

Tokyo James: This was my favourite runway show that night, I just loved how he was able to put everything together in order to make sense because some designers get distracted by creating aseptically pleasing pieces that are not wearable. 

Andrea Iyamah: I loved everything about this collection, it was oozing all sort of beach vibe. They were so relatable and wearable and the bridal showcase was lovely and elegant made me consider getting my future wedding dress from a Nigerian Designer.

Lisa Folawiyo: I loved the way the designer was able to modernize traditional outfits, I mean she is known for fusing modern western styles with African prints. She inspired and gave me loads of ideas for styling traditional pieces.

Mia Atafo: His collection was everything and I think his showcase was the perfect way to end LFDW day 3  from his runway show to his beauty and the beast presentation. One of the things that made me love his show was his beard gang collection, that was just too beautiful. I really need to lay my hands on one of his beard gang shirts!

Maxivive: This was actually my least favourite collection because I did not understand the designer's concept, his collection made him look confused (my opinion).

In conclusion, I discovered new, creative designers even though I choose to attend Friday’s show because most of the Nigerian designers I follow and keep up with were showcasing their pieces on that day.

That is all of it for LFDW day 3.

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!
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