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Life Update + Lagos Lately

Hey guys, how did your weekend go? I know I have not been consistent lately, I really want to be but I am still in search of a photographer in Lagos, so if you know any photographer in Lagos please help a sister.

So I asked my insta fam for what they wanted to see on the blog between; Fenty beauty review and a life update and majority of them said life update hence this post. Whilst I was writing this post I realised that nothing much has happened since my last post.

It has been three weeks since I moved back to Lagos and I have been up to nothing really. The heat in this city actually makes it impossible to think. I am currently hoping to get into NYSC's next batch. At this point, NYSC is pissing me off as they keep changing the date of registration, the new date is tomorrow hopefully they don't change it.

I went for an O Wa N'bę on Friday and it was actually fun, I mean I have been home since I got back so going out was fun and going out made me realise that I was not ready for Nigeria mentally. Omg! You guys I went to computer village on Saturday and my goodness those men there actually irritated me so much they kept touching me to patronise them, I really can't explain the scene. Lol, I just remembered what happened on Thursday, if you ask me what my most embarrassing moment is/was I would say it is this; so basically I went out with my dad to take passport photographs for my NYSC application since the place was close to home we decided to walk, on our way there was a group of small boys that saw me they started saying stuff in Yoruba but I did not get cause I was not really paying attention to them, so they started speaking English, one of them was touching me (i really hate people touching me) I was trying to catch up with my dad because he was walking fast and I thought it would make them  flee. I eventually caught up with my dad and I told him what was happening some of them left by the time they saw my dad but some of them continued, one of them was like 'aunty please give me fifty naira' one of them said 'aunty is it because of I love you that you are doing like this' when my dad heard this he changed it for them  that statement and my dad's reaction cracked me up. It was actually embarrassing because it was on the road and people were watching. After gisting my mum this story, she came to a conclusion that they were trying to steal my phone.

Lagos has actually been a joke for me, anyways Lagos Fashion and Design Week starts this Wednesday and I am anticipating that and GTB fashion weekend is next month! Still not sure if I am attending LFDW but I am definitely attending GTB fashion weekend.

That's actually what I have been up to lately. What have you guys been up to? Please share in the comment box.

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!!
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