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My 10 Insecurities and I

Hello, my dear TPJay readers. Happy new month and I hope this month comes with so many blessings. According to today's title, we are going to be talking about my insecurities and this was inspired by some bloggers as they were sharing theirs on their Instagram and blogs and I would love to do same as I think that was brave of them. 

Going straight into it.........

1. My stomach, I have a really big stomach because I eat a lot these days. So I can't comfortably wear a crop top right now.

2. I have really big ears, I really do not care much about it these days because I wear hairstyles that cover them.

3. I have ugly feet I really do not like open toe shoes that is why most times you will see me in my trainers or covered shoes. My ugly feet are the reasons why I hate doing pedicure, I can't stand someone looking at them.

4. I use to think i had big lips, i don't think they are all that big or maybe it is because now big lips are cool, everyone wants big lips. Before it was cool I used to be insecure about them especially when you point them out to me.

5. I hate my laughter when I am I the public I will just smile at your joke (don't take it personally my laughter is really ugly.)

6. I used to be very shy and that made people walk over me when I was younger, could be shy sometimes.

7. I hate being called cute by guys because one guy called me cute and he meant the opposite lol (you would not understand this but it is sort of deep).

8. I hate feeling like I am stressing someone reason why I hardly reach out to people or ask for help.

9. My height! I never really cared about my height until recently it dawned on me that I might not be getting any taller and I am quite short, but I guess that is where my heels come in play.

10. And I am insecure around new people. Do not know why but I am.

Some of these insecurities still exist but minimal and I have outgrown some of them.

Do you have any insecurities? Do let me know in the comment box below.

Cop my style:

Top: M&S
Pants: Primark
Trainers: Nike Huaraches

Pictures were taken by my aunty and edited by me.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Cheers

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1 comment:

  1. I'm insecure about my weight. I'm fat lol. Tell us what the cute meant oooo