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My NYSC Experience

Hey beautiful people, how have you been? I wish you guys could hear the excitement in my voice right now, I have really missed you guys. I am really sorry for ghosting like that, but I had so much to sort out and going for NYSC orientation camp was one of the reasons I ghosted and that is what we are talking about today.

I got back from camp about a week ago and I had one hell of an experience. I got posted to Edo state (my state of origin) due to a mistake I made as I was working to be posted to Lagos (i mistakenly put Lagos as my state of Origin). The journey to Edo state was four hours and some minute, the trip was annoying because all the police that are not supposed to be on the road decided to stop us at each stop it was just tiring. I finally got to Okada (the location of the camp) and they did not let me inside because I did not have my medical report, so I had to go to the nearest general hospital, that was another level of frustration as there was only one doctor in that hospital and guess what! He did not even test us to know if we were fit for camp, he just wrote we were fit in the report like he literally just used his eyes to know if we were fit or not (Nigeria is a funny country). Went back to camp, I was let in got a mattress and then got assigned to a bed (the women giving slots liked me for some reason so they gave me a bed by the door and window) but on God that accommodation was horrible, how do you stuff 200 ladies in a room without fans (after we complained, they managed to put two fans, two fans for 200 people wow!)

I tried to register the next day but the queue was too long  and I hate stress so I went back to sleep, just for me to wake up and see others with their kit (khaki and the other NYSC uniform) I felt so left out so I went to try register and I realized I was supposed to queue up in another line because foreign-trained. Long story short I could not register that day because I did not have my international passport with me, that was another stress cause registration was closing the next day and I was not sure I was going to get my passport the next day (i got right on time). Since I registered late, I did not get my kits in time to swear-in that means I did not promise to serve Nigeria come rain come hot sun haha. Talking about kits, I have one question for NYSC, whilst filling the form online, why did you ask us for our sizes if you knew you were just going to throw us any size?

I went to camp with i cannot kill myself mindset and I did not stress, i was always either sleeping or chilling while my mates were parading. How I got away with it i do not know. The only thing i enjoyed in camp was the man o war drill and the Miss NYSC and Me Macho pageant.

Being me, i got in trouble with some soldiers, all because i stood up for the girls (nobody sent me) basically, male soldiers usually come to the female hostel and i was confused because they did not need to there were female soldiers on camp. The nasty comment the soldiers made was what provoked me; one of them said ' i have seen plenty breast and bum yours would not do anything to me' or something like that. There was one of them that derived pleasure in coming to see breast and bum KMT.  I came out for them twice and they dealt with me in their own way but oh well. Or did i forget about the soldier man that seized my cap and id and was calling me names because i did not give him money to buy drugs, please am i your mummy?

There was nothing i did not see in that camp. Oh! You know i cried when i heard that there was no water closet but pit latrine, pit latrine and it is almost 2018 SMH!

Shout out to all the girls i met at purity hall, the last two night in the hostel was my fun in camp and shout out to all the friends i made in camp.

Oh! I got redeployed to Lagos!!!

Have you passed through NYSC, what was your experience? Do you see the point of NYSC? To be scrapped or not? Leave your reply in the comment box below.

It feels good to be back to blogging. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! See you in 2018.

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