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Book Review || Murder on the Orient Express

Hey Tpjays how are you all doing? Hope your weekend is going alright?

Today we are doing something totally different, it's a book review and I plan on reviewing one novel every month (let’s hope I am consistent with this). This is me trying to cultivate a reading habit.

This novel is somewhat interesting as it keeps you guessing. For me, it started getting interesting in Part 1 Chapter 5.

The book is all about a murder that happened on the orient express.

The deceased Ratchett was killed by his enemy, he was killed because he kidnapped a little girl and then killed her after collecting the ransom. The news of her death caused some other death of her family members. People within her home felt her death because she was greatly loved by all.

Ratchett was able to leave America (where he committed the murder) escaping justice. This made the people affected by the child’s death to plot for him. Part of their plot was to strategically position Mr Hardman and Macqueen in his life as his employees to monitor his movements.

One of their accomplices works on the train Mr Ratchett booked for his trip, so they all decided that was a perfect time to carry out the revenged so they all booked that same train and were all put on the same coach.  There was an extra space on the coach which they booked in some one's name that does not exist because they did not want an outsider to interfere but unfortunately for them, Hercule Piorot (a detective) needed to travel that day, that space was given to him since the person that booked never showed up.

Just after midnight, the Orient Express stops because of the snowdrift at this point a muder had occur. Ratchett was stabbed 12 times. Piorot was persuaded to solve the crime, his kiler was on the train because there were no footprints on the snow to show what direction the murderer went. After a long day of investigation, he came up with two conclusions;

Conclusion 1: A stranger boarded the train and murdered Rachette.

Conclusion 2: All the passengers conspired to murder Ratchet.

After his conclusion, Mrs Hubbard confessed that all 12 of them were involved in the murder but the other two men involved in the investigation along sides Piorot decided to tell the police conclusion one was the case.

Have you read this book? Do you think Ratchett deserved to be murdered because of what he did to the child? Tell me your opinion in the comment section below.

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