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Currently I am (1)

Hello Tpjays!! I thought I should do a currently I am tag as I have not done one in ages. And I am hoping I am able to do this monthly. 

Anyways, here it goes;

Currently, I am……

Missing: my bed, I wish I did not have to be at work. I really miss waking up, eating, sleeping and writing a blog post.

Wishing: I had a car so I could get to work conveniently.

Wearing: A black shirt with African prints and a black pant.

Listening to: Science student by Olamide. Issa jam!!

Admiring: Every black lady making it in their field as I aspire to make it in my own field. We go girls!

Feeling: Tired and sleepy, I am always tired is there a cure for that?

Appreciating: Life.

Loving: Nothing in particular.

Watching: Nothing, I am currently not watching any show and I am too busy to catch-up on the ones I have started.

Reading: Dating Game by Danielle Steel, watch out for the review.

Craving: Five Guys buger.

Not sure of: Where my blogging career is heading to.

Determined to: Achieve all of my monthly goals and also improve myself.

Regretting: Not taking my blog seriously fro the beginning.

That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by.

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