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Hey, Tpjay’s how are you all doing? Today we are talking about fashion hostel a.k.a FH. I know you all would be wondering what fashion hostel is? Anyways it is a boutique located in Surulere (9, Ishaga Road Mabo Junction, along Luth Road). I am here to tell you what the brand is all about and urge you guys to check them out if you are looking for classy, trendy, chic and affordable outfits.

Outfit 1: This outfit is so classy, corporate-ish and easy to style. You might not be able to wear this to the office because of the leggings but you can easily opt for a black pair of jeans and wear it to the office on a Friday. Whole outfit from FH including; earrings, knuckle rings and wristwatch.

Outfit 2: I am so much involved with this top because of the details on the neckline and sleeve, this outfit can definitely be worn to the office. Full outfit from FH.

Outfit 3: This is a so chic but laid-back look. Can be worn to hang out with the girls. The kimono can also be worn as a dress. All pieces from FH except jeans.

Outfit 4: This top is everything and can be styled up and down. The frills on the statement would give your whole outfit a statement.

There are more stylish outfits in store and some new-ins you should go grab. Thank me later.

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