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Happy new week TPJays. Today is story time and I am going back in time to five months ago when I saw the opportunity to follow my dreams (modelling).

I can’t remember how I stumbled on this ad but I saw a modelling ad and they were like email us a picture and I sent a picture from here. They got back to me saying that their manager loved everything about the picture and I have been shortlisted I was so gassed, in my head, I was like baby girl is finally going to be a model and all. So they sent me an SMS of the details of the office and stuff I need to bring along like 5 different outfits, a clean hair, no make up face and all. While reading the SMS I was like yes this is it, I am about to make it. They called me to book a slot for my appointment, before the call ended the guy mentioned I had to pay a deposit, at this point my normal self would have hung up but the other part of me was like you need to invest in your dreams before you blow, so BOOM I brought out my card and paid for the deposit.

Before the day of the shoot I had already checked out the company on Instagram and I was not impressed, this should have been a red flag but I really wanted to be a model I wanted it to be true so I let that go.

I skipped something, during the call they told me they had modelling plans like I would have to pay for soft copies and all in my head I was like I was going to skip that because I really did not need the soft copy, I just want to be a model.

Few days before the shoot I was having a second thought but I was told that I would have to come into the studio to get my deposit back so I was like okay let me just go to get my money back.

It was the d-day I had packed my suitcase because I had to travel from London-Coventry and I was told to bring some outfits so I took them along too just in case.

I got to their office right on time, okay let’s pause right here, so in my head, I imagined the studio was looking nice and shit like a modelling studio you would see in an American movie. I was disappointed when I saw the studio (this was another red flag but I carried on still).

So they started my makeup and bruh the makeup was shit and I went on to snapchat to rant about how a white woman did my makeup and it was shit. I really could have beat my face better and I am not the best at makeup sigh. At this time I should have packed my baggage and left but man wanted to be a model so I stayed. The photo shoot started and it was the worst! 

After the shoot, I was told to they were reviewing my pictures, that I should go grab some lunch and by the time I am back they would have a feedback for me.

I went to McDonald's for lunch but I did not want to eat because I was watching my weight I mean models do not have a big stomach and I was also anxious about the feedback so I just had a smoothie.

So I got back to the studio and I met with the manager and she told me I was top 2, do you guys know how I felt? Like my childhood dream was finally becoming a reality and in my head, I was like I am top 2 but I am not 2 lol. 

She went on to say I needed to pick a package so that they would be able to promote me to brands, this involved more money and i was getting uncomfortable because I really did not have much so I asked her if I could pay when I get more money and she was like once I leave its all gone (this was another time for me to carry my bag and be going but I stayed damn!) could not let the opportunity pass me by. So I chose the basic package because I could afford that if I emptied all my account and that was what I did, I emptied my three accounts right there, I did not want to lose my spot. After paying I signed some documents and I left the studio heading back to Coventry.

On my way home I was not feeling good because I just dropped my last money and I did not know when next I was getting money how was I going to survive before money comes? On the train was when I remembered that by that time next month I was not going to even be in the UK because I was moving back to Nigeria, at this point, I realised I had fucked up. I picked up my phone to ring them saying i need a refund because I am moving back and I won’t be back in the UK anytime soon and I was told i could not get a refund after leaving the studio and they have modelling agencies they work with in Nigeria so I would be fine but it would take about three months for them to sort it out. I still had hope guys but I already knew by now that aye mi the mi ti ba mi. 

After 3 months I emailed them no reply. I have emailed them about 100 times and still no reply and then I knew I was scammed by white people. After converting the whole money I invested in my dead dreams it cost me 100,000 plus Naira. I don’t care but that is a lot of money for you to get a reply at least.

No one should tell me that I have a model body or face because I will fight you. 

Did I do anything wrong in following my dreams? Have you experienced anything similar? Share in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!
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  1. Your blog has really grown. I'm proud of how far you've come. We tend to get duped regularly especially in Nigeria. I literally had my fair share today going to the market to get vegetables and because I was literally playing music in the car and enjoying the AC, one of the traders felt it was their best chance to put spoilt bits in what they sold to me. But last last God will punish all of them. Be careful.

    1. Thank you for your nice words. Sorry you got duped, it is really painful.

  2. Awwww sorry dear. This shouldn't make you give up on modelling totally tho. Just follow your guts and once you see a red flag, run for your life.

    1. Thanks b, i'd take your words into consideration.