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How to: Take care of your skin in a tropic region

Hey TPJays! What’s good? It’s been a minute. Please just ignore my inconsistency, bare with me. It has been a while we have discussed beauty so I have decided to share tips and products I use to take care of my skin in a tropical region.

I recently learned that it is not good to use bar soap on your face because they are harsh on the face and can strip the natural hydrators from the skin which can leave your skin inflamed and red from broken blood vessels. instead of bar soaps use gentle facial scrubs or facial wash.

Fresh look: I use this facial wash, it’s for my dad but he does not use it so I use it now and it’s really good. Who told men they do not need skincare routines? Anyways I use this to exfoliate my skin, it deep cleanses my face leaving it smooth. I use this in the morning when taking a shower instead of a bar soap.

Body shop face wash: I use this at night when I am washing off my makeup, i obviously use face wipes first. This foam wash helps to brighten the face and it also helps to keep your true complexion. It is really soapy so I advise you use a little portion which makes it long lasting.

Day cream: I use this in the morning after having a shower for a healthy looking skin. It also helps to keep your true complexion.

Serum: This is used at night and it does the same thing as the day cream.

Face mask powder: This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and restored. It is vegan-friendly. I use it once a week.

Sun-screen: I strongly advise that if you live in a sunny region like Lagos never step out without applying sunscreen. I feel like a majority of us sleep on the importance of sunscreen.  Sunscreen helps to shield us from UVB rays that can cause sunburns and UVA rays that can cause deeper skin damage. It is advised to apply 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun. Reapplying is as important, if you going to be in the sun for a long time, reapply every hour.

Soothing after sun: Just because i am extra like that, I apply this after being in the sun to cool, moisturize and soothe my skin. It keeps my skin smooth too.

Always have a pair of sunglasses in your bag as well they help to prevent harmful emission from the sun. So that’s it for today I hope you have learned one or two things? And if you have any tip to help take care of our skin share in the comment box.

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