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Anti Boys or Nah??

Hey guys, today we are doing something entirely different, this should be fun. I thought it would be interesting talking about boys and relationships on the blog. I am not anti boys I love them so much that's probably why I get so stressed when anything about them comes up.

Warning: Lengthy so grab something to snack on!!!

Okay let's first start with relationships; I have a few questions for people in relationships; are you both compatible? What attracts you to your partner? Is it the opposite attraction or birds of the same feather? For me it's majorly our similarity but we'd definitely have our differences too and that's fine. I would like to classify the thing that make or break relationships into 2p's and 2v's which are; personalities, principles, values and vision. In my opinion you should talk about all four before getting into a relationship so y'll know what you are in for.

Personalities: These are your characteristics and what makes you you. Your personalities most definitely affects your relationship but it is up to you both to get the positive side of it or the negative side. Your personalities determine the quality of your relationship. Most times couples have different personalities and that's okay because some difference strengthens and spices the relationship. Variety is needed sometimes.

Principles: This can be simplified to your beliefs. For me it is important we have similar principles and beliefs.  For example i won't be in a relationship with someone that does not believe in God that's a no no.

Values: This is basically standards of behaviors, it includes your ethics, morals e.t.c. In order words the things you rate highly are your values. Your values determine how you view life in general. In my opinion couples values should be somewhat similar. Being clear about your values and what you stand for is really important when you are in a relationship. If you and your partner view life differently, clashes are bound to happen.

Vision: This is the ability to think about or plan your future. You'd not see me with someone with zero vision. When it comes to vision we have to be on the same page, there are no two ways to this one. If you guys do not have similar vision just keep in mind that your relationship has an expiration date.

Relationships are not meant to be stressful so if it is stressing you its is not right.

Now let's move to boys.
  • If he stresses you cut him off.
  • If he makes you double guess yourself drop him.
  • If he just wants to benefit from your goodness but does not want to put in any effort tell him boy bye.
It is easy to cut him off when no feelings are attached, that's why it is wise not to catch feelings immediately because it is usually a trap. Yeah I know it is not easy but you can do it. You don't need no stress but peace of mind.

Guys that do not respect you are going to keep disrespecting you if you don't shut it down as soon as you notice it. You notice he is disrespecting you tell him before you make a decision, if he does not changing just walk away. Talk it out because in actual sense you need to show people how to treat you meaning if you are being treated in a way you do not like you accepted it from the onset.

It's 2018 and we are all adults so we can all come to the conclusion that boys just want to hit most of the time. And there is no problem with that in all honesty because there are girls that just want to hit too. But some boys  need to watch how desperate they act when they want to hit because sometimes it comes across as rape culture. I won't shake this table today. As for me if all you want is to hit and that's all you have to offer then you and I don't have any business being in a relationship be it 'friends with benefit', 'situation-ship' whatever you want to call it.

We women are too caring we need to stop caring for men way too much especially if they do not give back the same energy. I might be wrong but all men do is take! They take everything from you leaving you drained physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and all the lly you can think of but they never give back and that's sad. Funny thing is you do not realize they are draining you until you walk away. They just take advantage of your caring nature, i am not you mum boy. They always take advantage of everything.

I am sorry not sorry I am putting myself first, my happiness first, my peace of mind first, my everything first. I deserve all the love and care I dish out.

This one is for girls that have been single for so long sometimes you feel you have been alone for a long time and you just allow the next Tom, Dick or Harry into your life. That's a wrong move sis. No matter how long you have been single ensure to wait for someone that'd treat you right, the wait would be worth it.

At this point i think it is safe for me to say men should leave me alone I am tired. So are you anti-boys or nah? What is your take on boys and relationships? Drop a comment let's have a conversation.

Thanks for stopping by!! Cheers!!!
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  1. oh boy! You talk true!this life is hard enough, you'll now come and settle for someone who doesn't value you or know your worth. Especially girls in abusive relationships giving excuses for the guy because he says he'd change... A beg, i'm not even understanding, are you his change agent, why should you be the one he changes on. This table is too heavy to be, you did a good job on this one๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ

    1. I am glad you loved it. Laughing @ this table is to heavy to be shook.