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Book Review || Dating Game

Hey guys, so here is another book review and I hope you like this one. This book is relatable and the book was easy to read.

So in this woman's mind she had the perfect marriage, with the perfect husband and two beautiful grown up children. Until the day her husband decided to come out, he told her he was seeing someone after 24 years of marriage. He was willing to throw everything they had in 24 years because he met someone younger can you imagine? That news was really hard for Paris to take in.

Paris was my favorite character can't really tell why maybe it's because she was the center of the book. Life came at her so fast, even though she did not know how to handle all the hurt initially, but her hurt turned to happiness at the end. She handled the situation the way i'd have handled it i think.

My favorite part was when she finally made up her mind to adopt a baby, she did that for herself not caring about what other people thought. You can learn a lesson from that move, do what makes you happy regardless of other peoples opinions.

I love that Danielle Steel portrayed that you can always find better when your relationship does not work with one person. There is always better out there.

For the title I was expecting it to come from a male's angle, him being the player but it was about a woman trying the dating process all over again and it was really difficult for her because she married the first person she dated and now they were over. It was a game for her because she did not know if  she was going to lose or win reason being she thought she was too old to date again. Paris tried different men, she gave them chances even though her boss turned friend turned family (Bix) forced her most of the time. Bix and his partner were one of the people that made Paris feel at home when she newly moved in. It just showed that some times we need certain peoples friendship to get through certain situations. They were her support systems so to say.

If i could add anything to the book i'd add that Peter's new wife left him for someone else, it would have been messy but just so that people understand that you lose them how you get them.

Have you read this book? If yes what do you think of it? Would you recommend any other Danielle Steel book?

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!!
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