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Currently I Am (3)

Hey guys. What's up? How have you all been? Here's another edition of this tag. 

Currently, I am……

Missing: You. Yeah you.

Wishing: I could live alone.

Wearing: A chiffon shirt and a pencil skirt.

Listening to: Best life Cardi B ft Chance the Rapper. Damn Cardi really came through with her new album!!

Admiring: My self, I have been looking like a money bag!

Feeling: Really good, I don't even know why. 

Appreciating: How far I have come, I have come a long way in this life. It might not look like it but I definitely have.

Loving: Nothing currently.

Watching: Nothing at the moment.

Reading: The Exit.

Craving: Full English breakfast. I have been craving it for the longest time.

Not sure of: Where I am heading, I am literally still figuring my life out and it seems like it is taking forever for me to get myself together but i am learning to take it easy on myself because one day I was over thinking my future and i think i got depressed till I snapped out. So I really need to stop overthinking i mean God got my back.

Determined to: Achieve all of my dreams one by one.

Regretting: Nothing.

That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by.

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