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A day at Illashe Private Beach

Hey TPJays! What’s good? It’s been a minute. I am sharing an experience today. I finally crossed something out of my list (I have a list of places in Lagos I want to visit) Illashe private beach happened to be one of them.

It was a link up with one of my friend we had not seen in a long while so he planned like a mini getaway with a couple of his other friends, we were like 12 which made the whole trip inexpensive. We all linked up at the pavilion, chilling and chatting whilst we were waiting to be complete. When everyone got there, we got a boat from the pavilion to illashe which was approximately a 30 minutes ride. The view was so beautiful. On getting to illashe it was so quite, I felt we were the only ones on the beach but apparently not cause when we were heading home I spotted an extra group of three.

On getting to our space, it was okay, I mean that was what we could afford. It had a swimming pool, a volleyball court and the beach was in front. I love the beach, the sand, the ocean, I am a beach person so that was like the perfect destination for me to unwind and escape reality. For someone that can’t swim my love for the pool and the ocean was a little risky but I really could not just sit whilst people were having fun in the pool, so trust me I dived in. The pool was not all that deep so I was fine and I had people watching out for me and literally teaching me how to swim, how to avoid drowning and all (now I think I have forgotten everything I learnt).  Oh yeah, I went into the ocean and trust me to go deep into it playing with the waves and all it was so much fun.

The only thing that went wrong was food, they were not selling food the day we went so it is advisable to go along with food or snacks at least. 

I would love to go to Illashe again because I had so much fun and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a getaway.

Only for me to get home and reality dawned on me sigh.

I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, I was living in the moment. Have you been there? What was your experience like?


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