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Book Review || The Exit by Helen Fitzgerald

Hey guys, here is another book review. 

The story is told in three folds, Catherine 23 and Rose 82 and 10. Rose suffers from dementia so she goes back to when she was 10 every once in a while. The book gets a little confusing because it switches from all three folds.

Catherine was a young 23 lady and her mum thought she did not have any direction, and her mum is a control freak got her a job at a care home and she accepted it reluctantly. Rose is a successful children author and she lived in the care home where she figured out creepy things were going on in the care home, room 7 to be precise but anytime she spoke up no one believed her because she had dementia.

Catherine starts to investigate the sinister occurrence going on according to Rose just because her mum moved into the care home, she was ill, she had a deadly illness. 

The end of this book was so creepy, you should read it if you love dark stories but if you get irritated easily skip the last chapter. 

Rose was right all along room 7 indeed held a dark secret.

I enjoyed this book, I need to get myself some more of Helen Fitzgerald’s book.

Have you read any one of her books? Any thoughts? 

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!! 
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