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Obsessed over Apó

Hey guys, I hope your day is going great so far! Today we are talking trend, in this case, apó also known as raffia, straw or wicker. These bags are everywhere on Instagram making them highly trendy. This trend has really been on for two years and I am just jumping on them, it's really not late to jump on them if you have not copped one yet feel free to hop on the trend causes it seems they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They scream summer, it just has a way of reminding me of the beach, it can easily be transitioned from the beach to street. Are you loving the trend? Surely I am.

They are so versatile, they can be worn with any outfit; styled with a tee and jeans or a maxi dress, anything would work. Its neutral texture makes it easy to wear it with anything screaming summer. They are also a statement piece because people really be looking anytime I rock it. I had one of my friends ask me if I wanted to use it to fetch water lol.

I am just here to tell you that this bag is a summer staple. Apart from the bag having summer all over it, it also gives off a retro vibe. Since I got it, I have literally carried everywhere.

Just in case you want to be a part of this trend you can cop your bag from @theadellah on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!!

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